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Air Conditioning Servicing In Wrexham

Is your vehicle cool enough for you? Most modern cars now have air conditioning systems included as standard. Air conditioning systems, just like an engine, need to be serviced regularly.

Every year, on average, a system loses between 10%-15% of its refrigerated gases. This means, that the system will not cool as effectively and it is possible that if gas pressure falls, below a certain
level, the system will shut down. Now, could be the best time to have your system serviced, especially if you have not done so for a while.
So why not contact the air conditioning servicing specialists in Wrexham today!

When you bring your vehicle in to us here at John Roberts Motor Services, we will first, measure the amount of pressure in your vehicle’s air conditioning system.
If it is low, we will add enough air conditioning gas to bring the reading within your manufacturer’s specifications.

We will then run your car for a few minutes with the air conditioning on high and we use a special thermometer to measure your system’s output.
If it is not within the necessary parameters, you may have a leak somewhere in your system.

Air Conditioning Service Includes:

  • Old oil and gas removed
  • Leaks checked – including inspection for cracks
  • Air conditioning system vacuumed
  • Gas impurities burnt off
  • Tracer dye (if needed) added to the system
  • New oil added to the system
  • To the manufacturers’ specification, refrigerant gas added
  • Operating pressures tested
  • Cooling effect tested
  • Further diagnostic investigation or servicing (if required)

The best way to keep your compressor from failing, is to have your air conditioning system serviced once a year,
including the addition of the right kind of lubrication for your unit.

If you are looking for air conditioning servicing in Wrexham, please contact us to see how we can help!

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